Prime Minister Pavel Filip meets with Russia’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Grigori Karasin

Strengthening the bilateral Moldovan-Russian relations, including the commercial and economic ones, have been discussed today by Prime Minister Pavel Filip and Grigorii Karasin, Russia’s Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister in Chisinau.

The Russian official has also had a meeting with President Igor Dodon.

Prime Minister Pavel Filip has expressed his hope that the number of Moldovan companies exporting to the Russian Federation will increase and their selection criteria will shortly be withdrawn.

The Prime Minister has also approached the likelihood of removing customs duties on exports to Russia for 19 categories of Moldovan goods.

In his turn, Russia’s Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Grigorii Karasin has confirmed Moscow’s authorities’ interest to develop the bilateral relations between the two countries.

President Igor Dodon has also had a meeting with Grigorii Karasin within which the migration amnesty of Moldovan citizens and the Transnstrian conflict regulation have been discussed.

Igor Dodon declared that he was open for a new meeting with the unacknowledged leader from Tiraspol, Vadim Krasnoselski, before the end of the current month.

Also, the officials have talked about the visit that President Igor Dodon will shortly make to Moscow.

Grogori Karasin’s visit to Moldova is held within an ample diplomatic scandal after which the authorities from Chisinau have issued a protest note related to the abusive acts from Russia’s special services toward the Moldovan high officials.

According to the authorities, the Moldovan officials are abusively halted when entering the Russian Federation's territory, interrogated, searched and treated in a humiliating way.

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