Prime Minister Pavel Filip had a meeting with European Councils to discuss reform agenda

The reforms of the Executive and the priorities for the future period were analyzed today, within the meeting between the Prime Minister, Pavel Filip and the Councils of the European Union. At the discussion participated the ambassador of the European Union in Chisinau, Peter Michalko.

The dialogue was active. The Councils of the European Union referred not only to the progresses but also to the problems that need to be resolved.

The prime minister, Pavel Filip said the reform of the central administration was at its final step. In the majority of the ministers there were named General State Secretaries, while the competition for the State Secretaries will be finished soon.

According to Filip, the Government's reform's target is to increase the work capacity of the public institutions. 

''I certainly believe that we are going on the right direction. The implementation of the reform agenda will continue next year, even if it is an election year'', declared Pavel Filip.

''At the same time, the premier said the reforms are not made for the external partners, but for the citizens of the country. Thus, the reform of the pensions has results already. The reform of the Executive will also have results'', said Pavel Filip.

The prime minister said it is important for the Government to have the capacity to establish its priorities and to assure an efficient use of the external assistance.

The ambassador of the European Union in Moldova, Peter Michalko said the European Union is wide open to support Republic of Moldova in the implementation of the Association Agreement.

In this context, Pavel Filip urged the European Councils to make a strong cooperation with the Councils of the Prime Minister Cabinet. Thus, in this period, there will be implemented many reforms.

At the present moment, 21 European Councils consult the Government on the Reform Agenda.

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