Prime Minister Pavel Filip: "Government remains ally of wine industry"

Prime Minister Pavel Filip today attended the opening of the XV edition of the National Wine Day 2016 celebration. The event is organized annually and aims to promote local winemakers and Moldova as attraction for those who appreciate Moldovan wines.
In his welcoming speech, the prime minister thanked wine producers for the work and efforts to raise the wine industry to the highest quality standards and to promote the country's image abroad. "Wine is a product that we makes us proud that we are citizens of Moldova, which is our main card abroad. Local wines are equally appreciated by Moldovan and foreign nationals ", said Pavel Filip.
The head of the Cabinet congratulated the winemakers for their successes at prestigious international festivals, assuring them that the authorities will continue to support the development activities of the branch. "The Government is aware of how important is your contribution to the economic growth of the country and how important it is to you that you export of  the country. The executive remains an ally of the wine industry" , concluded the Prime Minister.
During the event, Prime Minister Pavel Filip, together with the US Ambassador to Moldova, James D. Pettit, Minister of Agriculture, Eduard Grama, visited the wine stands, which exhibited their production, and talked to producers about the problems they face and their views on the development of the sector. At the same time, the prime minister handed the Grand Prize for outstanding achievements in the wine field to "Caster Mimi" entreprise.
National Wine Day is a celebration that comes to strengthen the chain of wine in our country around a symbolic emblems, wine news - a living legend. At this years edition, more than 40 wine producers from around the country attended the feast.

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