Prime Minister, Pavel Filip discussed with Modovan Diaspora from Belgium

Yesterday, the Prime Minister Pavel Filip had a meeting with the representatives of Moldovan Diaspora in Belgium. The discussions were interactive, on the topic of internal situation of Moldova.

The Prime Minister referred to the Agreement of macrofinancial assistance of 100 million euros for Moldova, from the EU, to the allocation of the support in the budget of our country.

"The money are important, but the positive political messages from EU are more important, as the Republic of Moldova need to be have trust in advance, to continue its European road", said Pavel Filip.

Also, the Prime Minister talked about the actual state of things from Republic of Moldova, especially in economy. Thus, there were discussed: making an Agreement with the International Monetary Fund, efforts according to the bank sphere and the measures of improvement the investment environment.

At their turn, the representatives of the Diaspora showed their interest in the agricultural situation of Moldova, the bank fraud, the benefits of the pensions reform and the impact of the public administration reform on the depoliticize and the increase the capacities of the state institutions. The subjects can be attached to the new election system from Moldova, cooperation with the civil society.

"We want to make big changes. People will return back home when they will feel they can be safe in Moldova", said Pavel Filip. In this sense, the Prime Minister said the authorities will concentrate on the development of infrastructure, of public services and salaries.



 According to the statistics, in Belgium live up to 2 500 Moldovan citizens.


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