Prime Minister Pavel Filip at inauguration of Christmas Fair: Let's enjoy these beautiful moments, because we all deserve them

Premier Pavel Filip participated at the inauguration of the Christmas Fair on the 31 August Street from Chisinau.

"I feel an extraordinary warmth coming from your hearts, full of joy and kindness", said the Prime-Minister.

Because winter holidays involve us directly with family, it has given its own definition for "home".

"Home for me means my family, my boys and my grandchildren. At home is my native village of Straseni, and Chisinau signifies home, and as for everybody, for me, my home means Moldova," said Pavel Filip.

The official urged that this year, each to give more.

"We are sorry to forget to thank each other, to give us more warmth, to spend more time with our loved ones. This year, along with the traditional "Happy Christmas", I would urge you to give more. Give your loved ones more warmth".

Pavel Filip encouraged people to enjoy the most of this year's Christmas Fair.

"We work a lot and we do not have a lot of hot moments, this is a good opportunity to enjoy what is beautiful." This fair is our present for you, to enjoy these beautiful moments, because we all deserve them", added the Prime Minister. reminds that the Christmas Fair is organized for the second time by the Government of the Republic of Moldova.

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