Prime Minister Pavel Filip at fifth Eastern Partnership Summit in Brussels

Prime Minister Pavel Filip has declared within the fifth Eastern Partnership session that Republic of Moldova remains confident to realize the reforms and Association Agreement. 

Prime Minister also added that our country is passing through a time of difficult reforms and unpopular decisions. Making  Eu's presence and support in our regions crucial.

Prime Minister has also urged European officials to maintain their political pledges and implicate in relations with eastern partners.

Pavel Filip has also used metaphors within his speech, comparing Eastern Europe, with a fertile land, where rich harvest can be gained if a bit of effort is made.

The official claimed that authorities from Chisinau, in collaboration with EU, are concentrating to identify new sources to develop economy and stimulate big and small business,as well as attract foreign investments. 

At the same time, Republic of Moldova targets initiatives, such as removing roaming and developing the digital market, modernize transport and implementing energy projects, underlining that Moldova strongly believes in democracy and law.

During the Summit, Pavel Filip has met with Romania's President, Klaus Iohannis. 

"If we speak of Eastern Partnership, Republic of Moldova is the core of our attention and there is good progress. The reforms are are being implemented, which is great, but there are still some improvements that makes us be confident in Republic of Moldova, makes us confident in their determination to see this to the end" President Klaus Iohannis said.

Romania's President declared that European Integration must become Moldova's main project.

"Only after citizens there decide what they truly wish for can the country start upon EU integration. A shortcut by uniting with Romania is not the best option" Iohannis explained.

Yesterday, at Brussels was signed a memorandum for macro-financial assistance of 100 million euro. 

According to the agreement, 60 million euro will be given as a loan, while 40 million as a grant. They will be offered in 3 equal tranches in 2018. During the summit will discussed the signing of a common declaration by Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia requesting European Union to be offered a clear perspective for adhering.

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