Prime Minister Pavel Filip at CGIE session: Implementation of Association Agreement with EU is a priority for us

Yesterday, the Government members gathered in the European Commission for European Integration to examine the process of implementation of the Moldova-EU Association Agreement and other priority areas of reform addressed within the Moldova-EU Political Dialogue .

The Prime Minister has encouraged state institutions to pay maximum attention to the commitments they have made, including the actions presented by Johannes Hahn, European Neighborhood and Negotiating Policy Commissioner, as well as examining the recommendations of the recent reports on the implementation of the Association Agreement.

"The implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU is a priority and we must make every effort not to accumulate arrears", said Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

The outcome of the first ministerial meeting on trade was reviewed. Although the three countries registered an increase in exports to the EU, exporting 33% more in the last nine months of this year compared to Ukraine (10%) and Georgia (5%), the continued use of the potential this format by identifying key areas and interest in expanding cooperation.

The Commission also discussed aspects related to the preparations for the 5th Meeting of the Association Committee in the Trade Configuration Republic of Moldova - European Union. It will examine areas related to foreign trade, the evolution of trade with European partners, harmonization of national legislation, public procurement, quality infrastructure, and competition issues.

Another topic addressed at the meeting was obtaining the right to export meat and poultry eggs in order to capitalize on the opportunities of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area.

In this context, the accreditation of laboratories, the strengthening of institutional capacities, the improvement of the legal framework that would ensure the proper processing of waste are the main priorities for the next period.

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