Prime minister Pavel Filip announces a cutback in prices for approximately 160 types of drugs

The prices of the most important and most used drugs will be reduced with 40%. The announcement was done by the prime minister Pavel Filip after the meeting with the leaders of the pharmaceutical companies from Moldova.

According to the prime minister, the prices will be reduced for approximately 160 types of drugs, which are bought most often by people.

“I proposed a priority to find solutions for the prices on services, for the products of first necessity, we obtained results, so that the prices would be relevant. An important field is the drugs prices. In March 2016 we approved an action plan in this regard. A part of these actions were fulfilled. I always wanted for the Government to not impose anything forcefully. Each problem may be solved when all market players get involved. We made a partnership with the ones from the pharmaceutical field in order to jointly identify solutions. We found a joint opinion. I am glad to announce the results of this partnership. We can obtain a decrease in the drugs prices, a list of drugs, 160 titles. They will have a price decrease of 40%” declared prime minister Pavel Filip.

The adjustments will come into force starting 12 October 2016.

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