Prime Minister made unannounced visit to Leuşeni border crossing point

Prime Minister Pavel Filip made an unannounced visit to the State border crossing point Leuşeni this evening. The prime minister checked the process at the crossing point during the winter holiday while the flow of people entering and leaving the Republic of Moldova significantly increases.

Pavel Filip discussed with employees of the Customs Service, the Border Police, as well as with the people waiting in turn. The prime minister asked the waiting time and opinions regarding the attitude of the employees. The prime minister was also interested in the problems faced by customs officers and border police as well as their proposals on traffic flow. 

Several constraints have been identified in the discussions and inspections, including: improper activities by customs staff, need for optimization of verification procedures, frequent blocking of software, insufficient number of workers and other organizational issues. Solving these problems would allow a more efficient crossing of the border and would substantially reduce rows in customs.

Prime Minister Pavel Filip mentioned that, beyond these organizational and managerial aspects, effectiveness depends on the attitudes of customs officers and border police. They have to show a civilized behavior and a respectful attitude towards those who cross the border.

The prime minister said he would make unannounced visits and other passports to identify the best solutions to overcome existing problems and ensure border crossing as quickly as possible.

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