Prime Minister Ion Chicu: Canceling Citizenship-by-investment could cost the state 3.5 million euros

The government can no longer extend the moratorium on the law on citizenship through investments, and Parliament will take a decision on delaying the application deadline. Should the law be canceled, the Republic of Moldova may be forced to pay essential damages, Prime Minister Ion Chicu said on Monday.

According to the prime minister, so far, five people have received citizenship of the Republic of Moldova through investments.

"There are about 500 thousand euros collected on the open account. There are also applications from 22 or 25 persons, which will be examined according to the respective procedure, but further it depends on the decision of the Parliament "said Ion chicu.

At the end of July 2019, the Parliament introduced a moratorium on the investment acquisition program of the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova. Also, the former ruling coalition, consisting of the PSRM and the ACUM bloc, voted in the first reading to repeal the law.

After the deadline expired, last December, the Government extended the moratorium on the program of acquiring the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova by investments by two months.

The program provides that foreigners can obtain the Moldovan citizenship, if they contribute at least 100 thousand euros to the Sustainable Development Fund or invest 250 thousand euros in the strategic development fields.

The first citizenship through investment was granted in March 2019


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