Prime minister Filip discussed with student group regarding government function and premier's requirements

Premier conducted a meeting with a student group from Vasile Alecsandri High School in Colibaşi village, Cahul district regarding the Executive's function. 

During the talks, the prime minister spoke about Government's program of activity, mentioning that education needs to be concerned most. Pavel Filip urged students to learn well and become active in extraordinary activities. 

The youth, in turn, addressed some questions to the Head of the Executive. They were interested in the functioning of government reform, the priorities for restructuring the local public administration.

In the context, Pavel Filip said that although people are skeptical about the reforms, they aim to create better living conditions for all citizens. 

Moreover, the students asked the requirements of being prime minister. 

"Prime minister must be the one who is resilient to the political pressure in society, who is able to form a team and obtain good communication skills regarding conversation with internal and external institutions. "Pavel Filip answered.

Finally, the students visited the Government House and discussed with State Chancellor employees how to adopt Government Decisions and how documents reach the Premier's signing table. The youth were impressed by the organized visit and thanked for the discussion.

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