Prime Minister calls on agencies to be careful and well-organized during holiday period

Premier Pavel Filip has called on the Interior and Health Ministries to enable a steady surveillance to prevent occurrence of unpleasant events during the winter holidays.

"There is already a spirit of holiday in the air. May I address you and the citizens the best thoughts and wishes. Let’s hope 2017 will be better than 2016 when we have had a crisis to manage. 2017 will the year when the citizens will feel the changes," he said.

"The police and firefighters must be very attentive during this period. There are fires ending in tragedies. The Health Ministry must also be very careful because cases of intoxication unfortunately happen after the fast period. The Ambulance Service must be organized very well,” the prime minister said. 

He has also pointed out that the Customs Service and the Border Police must insure a smooth flow of travelers: "Very many citizens have started to returned from abroad. Many people and many vehicles at the border-crossing points. My request is for you to get very well organized so that the people wait as little as possible at customs."

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