Prime Minister calls for maximum mobilization to prevent swine fever spread in country

Prime Minister Pavel Filip has summoned today in emergency session all members of the Committee for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Moldova to discuss the necessary measures to prevent the spread of African swine fever in the Republic of Moldova.

According to the latest information, two suspected outbreaks of swine fever virus infection were suspected in Moşana and Cernoleuca villages of Donduseni district. Experts have reported that samples taken from dead animals were sent to an accredited laboratory in Spain, and the results will be received on September 28th.

It is assumed that the virus was brought by the import of meat products from Ukraine, where there were more cases of African swine fever infection.

Prime Minister Pavel Filip asked the authorities to demonstrate maximum responsibility and outreach, and to take all necessary actions to prevent the spread of this virus in Moldova.

"I ask for a very serious approach. The virus can affect entire industries, from raising pigs to meat processing and cultivation of feed. A concrete plan of action providing for the responsibility of individual institutions needs to be approved" , said Pavel Filip.

Following discussions, the Commission for Emergencies approved a Plan of measures for preventing the spread of African swine fever in the Republic of Moldova. The document stipulates that the National Agency for Food Safety will coordinate actions to prevent the spread of African swine fever in our country and will provide the necessary funds for the activities to control the virus.

At the same time, the authorities will carry out checks at state border crossing points, to eliminate the possibility of introducing in Moldova of temporarily banned animal products.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, jointly with the National Agency for Food Safety, will prepare a draft government decision for the imports of live animals susceptible to the virus to be banned, meat products in the areas of risk, and feed in the regions affected by African swine fever virus.

The Executive will review the decision in an emergency meeting tomorrow.

A comprehensive information campaign on the possible risks and how to act in case of detection of infection with this virus will be organized to minimize the potential spread of African swine fever in Republic of Moldova. 

African swine fever is a contagious disease affecting domestic and wild pig species. The virus is not transmitted to humans but can cause huge economic losses.

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