Priests might purchase gowns with traditional elements

National elements can now be seen on the clothes worn by Priests. Still, there are not many who wish for this change, while the person who wishes to help sewing the new clothes is Eugenia Donțu from Rezina. The woman is open for offers.

She claims that the suggestion itself came from priests and lately, more and more servants of God wish such changes.

"A priest once asked if we can sew them clothes with national elements. The design for their wear is custom, I cannot cut something out, or add anything, but there are certain elements that can be replaced with national items" Eugenia Donțu declared.

Priest Alexei Savca decided to decorate his robe with national elements. He said that this way, the church can be closer to traditions.

"It is an order so that we will be closers to those dear to us and even show our traditions to others. I cannot say that this is unusual, as a Priest's clothes must be pleasing the eyes of both the God and the people" Alexei Savca said.

Eugenia Donțu claims that priests must have a serious attitude when choosing their clothes. Each detail matters.

"We are not picky, but there are preferences. For example I wish a shirt sewn in national style, a gown fitting our traditions, or decorated by another flower."

 Priests only care for one thing- their clothes must be pleasing the eye.

"They must not have any ornaments that might caught the eye, but it must be beautiful and pleasant. I think that in the future I will order such a gown" Priest Spiridon Pahom said.

On average, a Priest's gown containing traditional elements costs two thousand lei.

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