Priest from Bălţi caught drunk driving during Nativity Fast

A priest from Bălţi was caught drunk driving during Nativity Fast. We speak of priest Igor Gordilă, from Saint Constantine and Elena Cathedral who, on Tuesday evening, caused a car accident. According to the press, Igor Gordilă is the nephew of the bishop of Bălţi and Făleşti, Marchel. He refused to comment the situation.

The accident took place on Ştefan cel Mare St. from Bălţi city. Priest Igor Gordilă crossed on red light and hit another car, driven by a woman. Luckily, nobody was injured.

If found guilty, the priest risks to 40 000 lei fine and could remain without a driver's license for the next 5 years. Secretary of the Moldovan Metropolitan, Vadim Cheibaş, declared that in such cases priests receive disciplinary actions from the bishop they serve and directed us to speak with bishop of Bălţi and Făleşti, Marchel. When called, he refused to speak with us.


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