Prices for 1 440 medications will drop on average by 9.32%

The current prices for 1 440 drugs from the national Catalog were reviewed by the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (MMDA). The decision was taken after the national currency rose in its value for USD and EUR indicated in the Catalog. Therefore, in Moldovan lei, the drugs became on average by 9.32% cheaper. 

Among them counts 242 antibiotics, 75 drugs affecting the nervous system, 72 dermatological drugs, 68 vitamins and multivitamins, 67 drugs affecting the cardiovascular system, 67 anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic drugs, 43 anti-diabetes medications, 40 cough suppressants and expectorants, 39 antineoplastic and immunomodulatory drugs, 37 asthma medications, 37 antihistamines, 36 antipyretics and 34 antithrombotics.

Among those 1440 drugs, 215 are free medication, their prices having decreased by 9.7%.

The new prices will be calculated after pharmacies will exhaust the existing stocks.

The last time the National Catalog was reviewed was in 2015, when prices for 4190 medications were reevaluated. 


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