Press Freedom Day. Speaker Candu aproached journalists protesting in front of Legislature

A group of journalists protested today in front of the Parliament, on the Press Freedom Day.

They have asked the MPs better work conditions and access to information.

The protesters were met by Parliament President Andrian Candu, who explained them the legislation provided for penalties in case of barring the access to information. But the journalists do not always use the tool they have at hand.

"I wish every success to all the ones working in such a complex field, as Moldova passes through a difficult period for media, too. I wish you success and I am certain we’ll do it with common effort," he said.

The protesters recognized the things had changed lately for better. 

"Speaking about the access to the session hall, it’s full freedom both for reporters and  cameramen, there are no restrictions. The colleagues working in the Parliament could tell us whether there are any barriers, but I think we’ll find objections," Andrian Candu added.

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