PRESIDENTIAL RUNOFF: Over 53% persons cast their votes

(UPDATE 21:00) Presidential runoff in Moldova is over.

(UPDATE 20:30) Until now over 1,592,000 citizens with the right to vote went to the polling stations to cast their votes. Regarding the situation in diaspora, over 128,000 citizens cast their votes abroad.

(UPDATE 20:03) Until now 1,581,454 citizens cast their votes, which is 52.74% of the total number of citizens with the right to vote.

At the polling stations opened abroad, over 125,380 Moldovans went to polling stations, which is 7.93% of the number of electors.

Less than an hour is left until the closing of polling stations in Moldova.

(UPDATE 19:30) Until this hour at the polling stations were present 1,563,00 citizens with the right to vote, or over 52 %. Also the number of electors in the diaspora continues to increase: approximately over 121,230 citizens went to choose the future president.

(UPDATE 19:00) Over 51% of the persons with the right to vote participated in the presidential runoff. Over 1,542,000 citizens went to the polling stations.

CEC observed an unprecedented mobilization, not only in the polling stations from abroad, but also in the country. CEC will analyze the situation created during the day.

The highest presence to vote was registered in Chisinau municipality, were 55% of the electors went to vote. The weakest presence was registered in Cantemir district, where were present only 39% of electors.

Most active electors are in Pocrovca village, Donduseni district, where 84% of the residents with the right to vote were present to the polling station. The least electors were registered in Caracusenii Vechi village, Briceni district.


Buiucani - over 56% electors; Centre - 56%; Ciocana and Rascani - sub 56%.


Italy - over 43.000 citizens;

Romania - 14.331 citizens;

France - 9.243 citizens;

Russia 8.332 citizens.


(UPDATE 18:00)Over 1,476,878 citizens cast their votes until 18:00, which represents 49.69% of the total number of electors.

The number is larger with 600,000 citizens in comparison to the first round. On 30 October, at 18:00, 1,324,000 Moldovans gave their votes to the future president.

(17:39) Massive participation at the presidential runoff in Moldova.

According to CEC, until 17:34 voted 1,441,000 Moldovans with the right to vote, or approximately 48.6% from the total number of the electors.

Also the Moldovans from the diaspora are actively participating to the election process, the threshold of 100,000 voters being overpassed. Until now voted over 101,000 citizens living abroad.

Today's results show an active participation to the vote, taking into account the fact that in the first round of the elections voted 1,440,733 persons.

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