PRESIDENTIAL RUNOFF: IRREGULARITIES registered at polling stations until 14:00

Promo-LEX mission of observing the presidential elections are stating that until 14:00 were reported at least 164 cases of organized transportation of electors, increase of violence and intimidation acts against electors, cases of unjustified presence of unauthorized persons inside or near the polling stations, and of electors queues on at least 10 polling stations from abroad.

According to information received from Promo-LEX observers, until 14:00 were registered the following incidents:

- organized transport of electors - at least 164 transport units.

- restricted access or the obstruction of the process of free observing in the polling station - 11 cases.

- the ballot boxes were not sealed according to legal procedures. The breakage/deterioration or absence of seals on the ballot boxes - 16 cases.

- presence of advertising materials, posters, electoral boards in the area of the polling station (100 meters from the station) - 14 cases.

- unjustified presence of unauthorized persons inside the polling station or in the perimeter of 50 meters of the poling station - 18 cases.

- rumors, attempts or even situations of material or financial remuneration offered to electors in the perimeter and/or near the polling station in order to influence the choice of electors - 10 cases.

- electoral agitation or black PR in the perimeter and/or near the polling station in order to determine the choice of the electors - 10 cases.

- actions of violence or intimidation of electors or other persons - 13 cases.

- deficiencies in the functioning of Elections Informational System (suspension of function; situations when Elections Informational System shows that the elector voted, but the person claims that he did not vote) - 8 cases

- deficiencies in the electoral lists (discrepancies between addresses, dead electors, signatures in place of other people) - 14 cases.

- taking picture of ballot papers - 31 cases.

- deficiencies in the insurance with power - 6 cases.

- queues at polling stations abroad - at least 10 cases.

- voting with unfolded ballot papers/breaching the voting secret - 5 cases.

- Agitation activities of an NGO with accredited observers.

- Observers conducted agitation for a specific candidate in the perimeter of the polling stations.

- situations of voting with out-of-date or incomplete identification documents - 10 cases.

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