Presidential hopeful asks Elections Authority to punish Socialists for instigating to hatred

The presidential candidate of the European Popular Party from Moldova (PPEM), Iurie Leancă, asks the Central Election Commission (CEC) to punish the Socialists Party (PSRM) for spreading out hatred instigating flyers. Leancă has lodged the complaint as to the promo materials with the slogan "The Romanian gendarme will not be our master!"

In response, the Socialists maintain the flyers are related to their anti-unionist campaign and have no relation with the presidential campaign.  

"These info materials offend a fair part of Moldovans, they incite to hatred. The CEC shall consider and find the illegal character of these materials and shall oblige Igor Dodon to withdraw them," PPEM leader said. 

"We have always fought and will fight against unionism (with Romania) and against unionists. Everything is perfectly legal and constitutional in our actions," said PSRM legislator Vlad Batrâncea. 

The CEC is to make its stance.

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