Presidential elections: Pensioners are confident in victory of Marian Lupu

Pensioners are still a vulnerable category of the society, which needs more attention from the authorities. The opinion was expressed at the meeting of the Organization of Elderly People of Democratic Party, which, along with several hundred elderly in the country, was attended by the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, Marian Lupu.

Democrat leader said that the elderly will have his full support if he will get in the position of head of state.

Marian Lupu spoke to those present at the meeting about pension reform and the Democratic Party's solutions to ensure the elderly a carefree life.

“I will support so that this age remains the one it is today, 57 and 62. And if 42 percent of nominal salary is the pension, then 42 is for everyone in this country. The unification of the pension system means that in Moldova won’t be first class and second-class people” said Marian Lupu.

In their turn, pensioners showed confidence in victory of Marian Lupu in the elections:

"As he speaks convincingly with truthful, wise words, it makes me think that this man is with his soul for the people around him."

"He is the man who unites, unites, not divides people. He is the man who can appreciate the work of others, know how to give advice, know how to fight to change for the better the lives of those around them."

Democratic leader spoke about the problems faced by people with special needs, during a meeting with members of the Association of Invalids of Moldova. Marian Lupu was bothered by the fact that, because of corruption in the system, some people receive disability benefits, even if they are perfectly healthy. However, PDM candidate believes that this problem can be solved.

"With a tough approach, as president of the country, the concerned bodies work properly, ten, fifteen, twenty cases of liability before the law, tightening of this responsibility, will wake up everyone else", said the candidate for the position of president, Marian Lupu.

In Moldova are approximately 180,000 invalids. Over 15,000 of them are children.

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