PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS 2016: Voting process registered in Transnistrian region

Over 2,500 Moldovan citizens from Transnistrian region participated in presidential elections on 30 October 2016, voting on additional lists at the two polling station specially set up in Varnita village, Anenii Noi district, writes

According to results published by the Central Electoral Commission, at the polling station No.41 in Varnita village participated 2,146 electors from Transnistrian region. From these, 64.63% voted in favor of pro-Russian candidate Igor Dodon, candidate from Socialist Party, while  27.31% voted for pro-European candidate Maia Sandu, the nominee of the Action and Solidarity Party.

At the same time, at the polling station No.42 voted 1,424 Transnistrian citizens, 60.74% of them supported Dodon and 29.56% voted for Maia Sandu.

It should be mentioned that the authorities from Tiraspol refused to set up polling stations for the Moldovan citizens who are in Transnistrian region.

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