PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS 2016: Rate of attendance

(17:00) By this time 1,386,000 citizens have voted, about 46,89-per-cent of citizens eligible to vote.

(16:00) By this time 1,265,000 citizens have voted. 1,141,904 citizens eligible to vote have voted by this time, in the first round of presidential elections.

(15:00) By this time 1.137.175 have cast their ballots. 

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(14:00) By this time 992,981 citizens have voted. In the first round of election, at this hour voted 925,668 citizens

(13:00) By this time, 825,800 citizens have voted. The number of citizens abroad is also increasing as is impressive - 41,749. At this hour, in the first round of election, 800,000 citizens have voted. 

(12:00) By this time, 630,774 citizens have voted. In the first hour, in the first round voted 644 111 voters. Abroad, more than 28,000 citizens have already have cast their ballots. 

(11:00) 419,300 citizens have voted. Citizens aged between 56-70 years old are, by far, the most active.  At this hour, in the first round of election, 470,294 citizens have voted. 

(10:00) 239,278 citizens have voted at this hour, 8.45-per-cent of the country's citizens. At this hour, in the first round of election, 300,000 citizens have voted. 

(9:00) Over 100,000 citizens have cast their ballot in out country and 4,111 abroad.  At this hour, in the first round of election, 144.100 citizens have voted. 

(8:00) Over 44,044 citizens entitled to vote have voted so far, with 20,000 people less than in the first round.

Live turnout: 

Thus, 51.39% of them were men and 48.61% women.

100 polling stations  have been opened abroad and 1,575 citizens have already voted.

At this time 37 polling stations have been opened, among the first being in: Tokyo, Beijing, Krasnoyarsk, Nijnevartovs, Baku.

PUBLIKA.MD recalls that, according to the CEC, all polling stations across the country are open and are operating as normal.

Over 2.808.880 million citizens eligible to vote are expected to cast ballots. Most voters are expected to vote in Chisinau and the fewest in Basarabeasca town.

The vote today is monitored by 4,000 observers accredited by the CEC.

The first preliminary data on the results will be presented to 22.00, local time.


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