Presidential Elections 2016: Moldovans expected to cast ballots in Transnistrian region

Central Election Commission (CEC) says elections are valid.

Citizens eligible to vote, residing in Transnistrian region, are expected to attend today's presidential election in 30 polling stations.

"The data attest that citizens in the Transnistrian are able to vote at 30 polling stations. Five polling stations are opened in Chisinau. Extraordinary situations have not been registered. " , said member of the Central Election Commission, Vladimir Sarban.

The director of a romanian school in Transnistrian region has mobilized Romanian-speaking citizens from Transnistrian region to vote and support a pro-European President of the Republic of Moldova.

"Lucian Blaga" lyceum director in Tiraspol, Ion Iovcev, accompanied the teachers, parents and students at polling station in the Varniţa town to exercise their electoral right.

They had to cross the administrative border to vote for the head of state, while the Transnistrian authorities refused arrangement of polling stations for Moldovan citizens in the breakaway region.

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