Presidential Election 2016: Citizens of Rezina district - highly active

According to data from the Central Election Commission, the highest turnout has been registered in Rezina, by 7-per-cent and the lowest in Nisporeni by 4,26-per-cent.

However, the town with the most active voters is Pocrovca, Donduseni district with a turnout of 22.14%, and most are passive are the residents of Cotelea village, Briceni district with little less over 1%.

So far, the polling station in Rascani district has registered the highest turnout of voters (62%).

By this time, no violations have been declared at the Central Election Commission. 

PUBLIKA.MD recalls that, according to the CEC, all polling stations across the country are open and are operating as normal.

Over 2.808.880 million citizens eligible to vote are expected to cast ballots. Most voters are expected to vote in Chisinau and the fewest in Basarabeasca town.

The vote today is monitored by 4,000 observers accredited by the CEC.

The first preliminary data on the results will be presented to 22.00, local time.

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