President threatens armed forces due to missions completed: Unacceptable!

PDM put forward amending the Defense Law on military training. The subject was discussed at the PDM meeting this week. 

"We mention the military drills Moldovan soldiers participated in Ukraine. We have lost money and wasted important programs intended to help us modernize armed forces, owing to Dodon's strict political and geopolitical decisions.

"In view of this situation, we asked for the PD specialist, the lawyers to come up with last week legal actions so that future participation in foreign countries of Moldovan soldiers can not be dependent on presidential institution.

"In my opinion, it cannot be accepted for a president to threaten his national military with sanctions because they fulfill their missions," said Vlad Plahotniuc

PUBLIKA.MD mentions that the country's president, Igor Dodon, prohibited the participation of the Moldovan contingent in the military drill "Rapid Trident" in Ukraine.

This is not the first time Igor Dodon has forbid the armed forces to participate regional training. In February, the president refused to sign the deployment of the military contingent to applications in Romania.

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