President of Audiovisual Coordinating Council allegedly shields PSRM-affiliated televisions from CJI complaint

On October 8, Dragoș Vicol, president of Coordinating Council of the Audiovisual (CCA) noted that there were not reports on the violation of the legal framework by the media institutions during the election campaign. 

"I want to remark the lack of notifications in the first report which shows that there are fewer blatant deviations. Or maybe people didn't intensify their electoral campaign in this period". 

However, On October 4, the Center for Independent Journalism (CJI) requested CCA to monitor the Central Television stations belonging to Ilan Şor, NTV Moldova and Accent TV affiliated to Socialist Party (PSRM), in terms of compliance with the legislation in the current election campaign.

The complaint of CJI also says that during the mentioned period, the Central Television favored the representatives of the Șor Party, and NTV Moldova and Accent TV massively promoted the PSRM candidate Ion Ceban. Dragoş Vicol announced as if he had not seen this complaint.

Publika recalls that CCA announced it would monitor only six audiovisual media service providers - Moldova 1, Moldova 2, Prime TV, Channel 2 and radio stations - Radio Moldova and Radio Moldova Tineret on the basis of article 70 (Election Code).

On, some media experts believe that this decision points to the fact that the institution would have protected certain PSRM-affiliated media institutions.  

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