President Klaus Iohannis congratulates Moldova with anniversary of 25 years of independence

President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, sent a message to the president of Moldova, Nicolae Timofti, congratulating with the Independence Day of Moldova.

PUBLIKA.MD presents the message:

“The anniversary of 25 years of independence of Moldova offers me the privilege to address to you and all citizens of Moldova congratulations, good health, prosperity and success.

In this anniversary moment, I am pleased to remark the solid and ample character of our bilateral relations, based on community of language, culture and history. The open and constructive spirit in which we approach the priorities of the specific cooperation, together with the pragmatic orientation towards projects which will fulfill the expectations of our citizens, and the constant support of Romania for the European aspirations of Moldova, there are arguments which are making me look with faith towards the further development of the Strategic Partnership which unifies our countries.

I use this opportunity to ensure you about our firm decision to support the projects which foresee the improvement of the lives of all citizens of Moldova and the fulfillment of their European fate.

Mr.  President, please receive the assurance of my considerations.”

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