President Igor Dodon was suspended for fifth time for violating Constitution

President Igor Dodon has been suspended for the fifth time. The decision was taken by the Constitutional Court after Igor Dodon twice refused to sign five draft laws and thus violated the Constitution. Today, the Constitutional Court announced the interim at the Presidency. Thus, these laws were signed by the President of the Parliament, Andrian Candu who is the interim of the President.

"There is a circumstance that justifies the interim office of President of the Republic of Moldova in the legislative procedure with the President's failure to fulfill his constitutional obligation to promulgate the law", said Mihai Poalelungi, the president of the Constitutional Court.

More specifically, President Igor Dodon twice refused to promulgate the Law on giving the land of the former Republican Stadium for the construction of the US Embassy in Chisinau, the document stipulating that on May 9 both Victory Day and Europe Day , and two laws that refer to the reorganization of the Carabineer Troop Department in the Carabinieri General Inspectorate. Also, the new Audiovisual Code has not been signed.

Igor Dodon reiterated that he is not going to promulgate the five laws, as confirmed by his presidential adviser, Maxim Lebedinschi.

"The decision of the Court is the opinion of the judges of the Court." The presidential institution, after having received the five laws, notified the Constitutional Court and asked for their constitutionality to be verified", said Maxim Lebedinschi, presidential adviser.

"It is a pity that the head of state has violated the Constitution, it has been forced to do so, no arguments have been made in this respect." The President of the Parliament will shortly sign these decrees on promulgation of laws, hopefully for the last time in the history of the Republic of Moldova such a situation", said PDM deputy Sergiu Sîrbu.

Among these projects are the new Audiovisual Code, the law that provides for the creation of the General Carabineer Inspectorate, but also the law referring to the name of the May 9th celebration. 


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