President Igor Dodon promulgated bill to offer Easter aid 600 lei

Draft law to stipulate pension raise and Easter support of 600 lei have been promulgated by Moldova President, Igor Dodon. 

Head of the Legislature, Andrian Candu sent to Presidency seven bills on which the Government would assume responsibility. 

President Igor Dodon announced that he approved four bills and would exam further the other. 

Leader of PDM, Vlad Plahotniuc requested the Executive these projects for it's risk that social allowances are blocked due to political intense. 

Thus, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the indexation of pensions on April 1 with 5.3 percent, almost double the amount previously provided.

The second initiative taken by the Government was to grant 600 lei for Easter holidays for retired people, as well as for persons with disabilities with incomes up to 2000 lei.

In total, about 610,000 Moldovans will benefit from aid in April.


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