President Igor Dodon on Foreign Minister's scandalous statements about Nistru conflict

The Foreign Minister's statements were misinterpreted, according to President Igor Dodon. Minister Aureliu Ciocoi indicated in an interview for Radio Free Europe that the Popular Front founded in 1989 was guilty of the outbreak of the armed conflict from the Dniester. 

"As far as I understand, he referred to the peacekeeping mission. Probably, some of his statements were misinterpreted. Regarding the messages and requests of the veterans, the Government decided to accept at least three or four of them: free medical insurance for the unemployed, financial support for widows, "the head of state said.

PUBLIKA.MD recalls that the scandalous statement of the Foreign Minister, Aureliu Ciocoi, that the Russian army had flattened the 1992 Nistru conflict, sparked a wave of criticism and dissatisfaction from former combatants. War veterans say they are offended and have asked for the minister's resignation because it would be incompatible with the position he holds.

In a press conference, he declared that Russia stopped the armed conflict from the Dniester, but did not commit an act of aggression against Moldova. The Foreign Minister has been harshly criticized by both analysts and war veterans since 1992. Historian Anatol Taranu later said that, in fact, President Igor Dodon was behind the Ciocoi's statement, which causes an internal conflict to further split society.

In the interview for Radio Free Europe, Ciocoi also said that if it were not for this conflict, Russia and - the 14th army and the Soviet armament from the Transnistrian region would have been withdrawn long ago. The representatives of the Popular Front have not yet come up with a reaction.


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