President Igor Dodon: It's highly unlikely that there will be parliamentary majority

President Igor Dodon has informed about the results of the today’s consultations with the parliamentary factions. He unveiled at least two scenarios to overcome the crisis, noting that, at this stage, he saw no premises for the creation of a parliamentary majority.   

According to Dodon, the parliamentary factions today had presented diametrically opposite stances and, at least for the moment, a resetting of the coalition is not foreseen. “There are two scenarios – creating a stable parliamentary majority and technical government proposed by the president. The stable parliamentary majority can be only between the Party of Socialists (PSRM) and ACUM and at this stage, I see no chances for creating a stable majority,” Dodon said, quoted by Moldpres

Igor Dodon e specified that, if no agreement is reached, he would propose the creation of a minority cabinet led by a professional, who will present the programme to all factions of the parliament.   

Dodon reiterated that he wanted to avoid snap parliamentary elections, and those who triggered the political crisis should assume the consequences.  

Today, Igor Dodon had consultations with MPs of the parliamentary factions. At the end of the consultations, the Socialists said they wanted a resetting of the parliamentary majority, yet, with conditions. The lawmakers of the ACUM bloc informed that they would insist on the candidacy of Maia Sandu for the office of prime minister. The Democrats said they would back a professional government; yet, they are not ready to set up a ruling majority and the MPs of the Shor Party speak out for holding snap parliamentary elections.   

The political crisis in Chisinau was triggered on 12 November, after the cabinet of ministers led by Maia Sandu had been dismissed with the votes of 63 lawmakers.  

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