President Igor Dodon criticized bitterly ACUM deputies over political egotism and resistance to alliance

President Igor Dodon has criticized bitterly the deputies of bloc ACUM. At press briefing this morning, the Moldovan state president declared that PAS-PPDA "walk through the empty parliament and make show". 

"They make these games forth and back. Some just walk through the empty parliament make shows. Don't you know the regulations? Is creating a governing alliance a problem? Leave these foolish ambitions which everybody is fed up with!

I condemn the political egoism and exaggerating ambitions of some deputies and parliament groups. People are waiting for results and parliament majority. They're waiting that eventually the deputies must start working. You receive salaries which are ten times higher than pension average in Moldova. If you don't give these ambitions and start working for the people, we will organize the snap elections then", said President of Moldova. 



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