President Igor Dodon and former PM Maia Sandu chastise over Filat's parole

President Igor Dodon accused the Sandu Government of liberating the former prime minister Vlad Filat. The statement was made following the Security Superior Council meeting. 

"This release was set up by the former government. How could it be possible? There are two aspects: 

1.Two court decisions eventually reduced the sentence. The former overlooked to challenge these decision, who was prime minister, who was justice minister? 

2.Who did initiate to release Filat? It was initiated by an institution subordinated to the Ministry of Justice, on the day the Sandu Government left, based on a unanimous decision of a Commission consisting of 11 members. The commission is subordinated to the Ministry of Justice, the commission has been amended 3 times, "said Dodon.

On Dec 3, former prime minister Maia Sandu justified that the government led by her was not held accountable for the release of Vlad Filat.

"The decision arouses many questions, just like other decisions adopted by the Moldovan Justice. Dodon's accusations against my team are aberrant. The complicity of prison no.13 which presents a paper made on the date of government's dismissal is a gross misdemeanor.

Dodon is the one who controls the judges and shield the corruption. The government we led fought vehemently with corruption, "Maia Sandu wrote on her Facebook.

Ex-PM Vlad Filat was set free on Tuesday before time by the decision of the Ciocana branch of the Chisinau City Court that accepted the penitentiary’s request and partially the lawyers’ request. 

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