President Igor Dodon addressed Constitutional Court to know parliament dissolution timing

President Igor Dodon has addressed a question to the Constitutional Court in order to know when the parliament must be dissolved. This confirmation was made in a press briefing this morning. 

"I addressed Constitutional Court today for a clarification. The final results of parliament elections were announced on March 9 and the first constituent meeting of parliament took place on March 21. There are more two weeks until the deadline for parliament dissolution. Unless governing alliance is formed during this period, I will be forced to dissolve the parliament and the you will assume consequences."

The parliament elections were organized on February 24. Parties who were voted for parliament have failed to form a ruling governance since then. 

After this voting, PDM called immediately bloc ACUM for negotiation. PSRM also called the same dialogue. However, PAS and PPDA rejected all invitations. 

Eventually, this bloc turned their mind and decided to invite the Socialists. 

Unfortunately, the dialogues broke down due to squabbles and contradictory visions regarding parliament collaboration. 


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