President Dodon to attend Victory Day parade in Moscow with all of his children

President Igor Dodon will participate in this year's May 9 parade in Moscow, organized on the Victory Day, a holiday that commemorates the surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945. The statements were made by the head of state in an interview for the TV station "Mir".

Moreover, Dodon says he will take his children to the parade.

"All three children will participate in this event", Igor Dodon said. 

According to him, Victory Day is very important event and all the state leaders should not forget the fallen heroes in that war. 

"We need to keep that in mind and pass it on to future generations," Dodon said.

Therefore, the president will not participate in the events organized in Chisinau, on this occasion.

Publika recalls that on February 5, the Chicu Government approved a draft decision on the organization of the events dedicated to the Victory Day and the commemoration of the fallen heroes in World World II. 

The document provides for the deployment of a contingent of the national army in Moscow, to march in the Red Square, at the Parade on May 9. Moreover, the Public Television is obliged to broadcast programs and thematic programs on this day.

Meanwhile, it was decided to allocate four million lei to restore the "Eternity" Memorial Complex. The decision outraged the representatives of the unionist organizations, who announced that they would sue the Government for violating the provisions of the Constitution. Veterans of the Dniester and Afghanistan wars, as well as those who suffered from the Chernobyl tragedy, are outraged by the amounts allocated for the May events.





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