Preschool teachers sought in Moldova! Situation is more severe in Hânceşti. Authorities plan reforms

Preschools from Moldova are seeking over 400 teachers. According to Ministry of Education, the situation is more severe in Hânceşti, where nearly 100 preschools teachers are needed.

Preschools from the city are also lacking around 20 teachers. Due to this, parents are required to wait to two years before their children are accepted in a kindergarten.

"We have applied last year in April and are still waiting, because there are not enough teachers" Mother of 3, Tintiuc Maria said.

"They say that groups cannot be formed due to lack of teachers" Mother of 2, Svetlana Burlacu said.

In Andrieş kindergarten are needed five teachers and five nurses. Therefore, children are forced to cram in a group.

"When you need to take care of more than 20 children it is complicated. We wish there were more teachers" preschool teacher Svetlana Melinte said.

Due to the fact that the number of children are increasing in districts, authorities assure that measures will be taken for new groups to be formed.

"To this moment there were around 750 preschoolers in Hânceşti, now there are around 1 100 - 1 200. This year we invested in 2 preschools around 3 million lei" Mayor of Hânceşti, Alexandru Botnari said.

"Around 100 children will be accepted in the preschool, two groups for small children and two for older children" director of Andrieş kindergarten from Hânceşti, Viorica Moraru said.

Ministry of Education representatives suggest reforms, to create attractive conditions for young specialists.

"We plan to open dual education programs based on pedagogical colleges. Around 45 000 lei as support for young specialists employed in the system will be payed after each worked year" Secretary of State in Education department, Angela Cutasevici said.

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