Preschool matinees postponed due to increase in influenza cases

The Directorate-General for Education, Youth and Sport of Chisinau (DGETS) issued an order to forbid all the festive events celebrated on the International Women's Day, March 8, in the Capital's kindergartens. 

This comes after the increased cases of children infected with viruses and influenza. 

According to the DGETS provision, the preschool matinees which are to take place on March 4-12 have been put off to prevent the spread of infectious disease.  

Also, the hygiene and disinfection measures will be intensified in the kindergartens, and all the rooms will be cleaned with special detergents.

DGETS has forbidden strangers to stay in the kindergartens and parents must bring their children only on special entrances, directly in groups.

There were fewer cases of influenza and acute respiratory infections in Chisinau municipality last week. However, their morbidity increased by about 43% compared to the same period of 2019. 


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