Preschool headmaster detained for demanding 1800 lei from parents

Headmaster of a preschool from the Capital was detained for 72 hours by the Anticorruption officers, on suspicion of demanding a 1 800 lei payment to register a child in the institution.

According to the source, the mother was hinted that in order for her child to attend the preschool, she had to pay an unknown amount of money. Therefore, after offering 800 lei, her child was accepted in the institution, but she was later on called again, claiming that the amount was to little and 1 000 more lei are required.

With the intention of making the transaction less suspicious, the father was sent two forms. The first form was masked under the name of "tax for joining parent association" amounting to 1 000 lei, while a second paper, of 350 lei as "monthly parent association payment" for September 2017.

At the same time, on 14.09.2017, the kindergarten teacher has reminded the child's mother that the money, amounting to 1 000 lei, has to be given to her personally and not paid through a bank, as the law states.

The headmaster was taken into custody today by the National Anticorruption Center and escorted for questioning. The woman is investigated for corruption under article 324 of the penal code. Such actions are punishable with up to 10 years of imprisonment. The investigation is ongoing in order to establish all circumstances and find possible accomplices.  

National Anticorruption Center requests citizens to come to them and write a complaint when encountering such situations, of being forced to pay off the books for services.

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