PREPARATIONS FOR ELECTIONS. When candidates will be able to register to CEC and when election campaign will officially begin

We get into the fever of the election. At the end of December, a hot start for both candidates for the post of MP and the organizers of the February 24 elections. The Central Electoral Commission approved a calendar program, which included all actions on the conduct of the vote. 

According to the regulation, candidates in the parliamentary elections will be able to file documents with the CEC from 26 December and the registration deadline is seven days from the date of filing the documents .

At the same time, voters abroad will be able to register until 9 January. On the basis of these data, until 19 January inclusive, the CEC will establish the number of polling stations to be opened abroad.

The election campaign will officially start on January 25, one month before the polls. On January 29, the CEC will complete the procedure for updating the basic electoral lists, and by 31 January it will announce who the lecturers are registered in the race.

Changes to the list can be made by February 9. February 18 will be the last day when it will be possible to publish opinion polls on voters' political preferences . Until February 20 inclusive, the ballot papers will be printed.

Parliamentary scrutiny will be held on the basis of the joint system on 24 February, starting at 7.00 in the morning and until 21.00. 50 MPs will be elected on party lists, and 51 - in uninominal constituencies. For the elections, the Government approved 51 constituencies, two of them for citizens living on the left bank of the Nistru and three for Moldovans outside the country. 

The necessary documents for the validation of the elections will be forwarded to the Constitutional Court by March 4, and the Court will have 5 days to confirm the results of the parliamentary scrutiny.

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