Preparations for Christmas Fair from 31 august St. are in full swing

The preparations for the Christmas Fair from 31 august St. from the Capital are in full swing. Employees are working nearly non-stop for everything to be ready.

The Fair will be opened on 15th December.

Visitors and children will be able to have fun in 5 managed zones: a house of Santa Claus, a big carousel, a skating rink and a stage, as well as the Christmas tree which will please the eye of citizens.

The 19 meter Christmas tree was already decorated with 400 ornaments, of different colors and 10 000 lights. Another 30 000 lights will be installed for the Christmas tree to illuminate the whole zone.

Employees claim that the final result will be a beautiful sight:

"-Is it hard?

-Not exactly, depends on how much effort you make."

"-We work day and night. We will not stop until everything is done. We are currently arranging the decorations for everything to look beautiful."

"There is still much to do. A two day job. The small town will be very good-looking."

Despite the works not yet being finished, some people decided to walk around and see what surprises to expect.

People claim that they cannot wait for the Christmas Fair to be opened:

"It's so beautiful....but I believe there will not be enough space, as many will want to come.

-Will you come?

-Of course, until Christmas."

"We can see in the project that there are many attractions, fitting for children, I believe that previously, we lacked it, such a staking rink, such a carousel."

"I cannot wait, it will be a true sight for children, as well as adults"

The Christmas Fair is organized by the Government.

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