Premiere in Moldova. Judo lessons to be taught in schools

Judo lessons will be taught in ten schools in the country. All selected educational institutions were chosen based on the availability of teachers in the area. The Judo lessons will replace the physical education lessons and all willing to practice it will do it. 

The European Judo Federation has come up with the idea and has signed the document in collaboration with the national forum, the Youth and Sport Ministry and Ministry of Education.

"There is an certain interest in several sports, so based on that we can do PE lessons more attractive for the younger generation" , said Youth and Sports Minister, Victor Zubcu.

"The main purpose is to strengthen their health. The more people will practice this sport, the healthier the younger generation will be. The second goal is to raise awareness of the sport, as these are the interests of the national and international federation" , said Corneliu Dudnic, deputy president of Judo Federation.

The project will be financed by the International Judo Federation, which will also provide the sports equipment.

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