Premiere for Moldova: A woman with lung tumor, operated by a new method

Medical premiere for the Republic of Moldova. Physicians at the Republican Clinical Hospital have performed a left upper lobectomy by videothoracoscopy. The 66-year-old patient had a malignant tumor in the lungs.

"We perform annually up to 100 videothoracoscopy surgeries in various benign mediastinal and esophageal pleuropulmonary pathologies. 2-3 incisions of 2-3 cm are made, and with the help of medical instruments the expected intervention is performed. Due to the purchase of endoscopic mechanical sutures that are very costly, we have also been able to perform the first anatomical videothoracoscopic lobectomy. The selection of patients for this type of intervention should be quite careful, "said Alexandru Toma, head of the thoracic surgery section.

The patient has already been discharged.

Operation was possible due to the purchase of endoscopic mechanical sutures with which these surgeries are performed.

A lobectomy is a surgical procedure where an entire lobe of your lung is removed for a variety of reasons that may include a lung cancer diagnosis, infection, COPD or benign tumors. There are three lobes of your right lung and two lobes of your left lung.

The procedure includes either a few small incisions (minimally invasive) or one longer incision (thoracotomy) on the side of your chest based on your particular diagnosis. With either approach, along with a lobe, nearby lymph nodes are also removed because of the possible spread of disease or cancer.



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