Premier Pavel Filip requested extensive verification of fire protection in recreation places

Prime Minister Pavel Filip has called for extensive audits  on the observance of the fire protection rules in all the social, cultural and recreational places in the country. The request was made at a Government meeting with the responsible authorities.

"The cause of many tragedies is negligence. Although clear rules are set, it is important how the rules are respected, how responsible the authorities are," said the prime minister.

Accordingly, a list of places of high flow of people will be established. Mixed teams will be set up to initiate controls on compliance with fire safety rules, including providing access for ambulances and firefighters if necessary.

Moreover, simulations of fire situations will be organized. All economic agents are warned about fire safety rules.

According to Prime Minister Pavel Filip, this exercise will also result in the identification of inspectors who have issued certificates in the absence of compliance with the requirements set by the legislation.

"We also run into corruption sometimes, because not all inspectors are aware of their responsibility, but it is about people's lives," added Pavel Filip.

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