Premier Filip on Orhei factory opening: More 2,500 jobs, more 2,500 happy families

The inauguration ceremony of wiring harness factory in Orhei city was attended several foreign officials and Moldovan Premier Pavel Filip who supported the car wiring project.

"It's our honor to have presence of ambassadors in the Republic of Moldova. I would like to send words of appreciation to the company building this factory. Together, we will overcome all the difficulties," said Igor Corman

The Prime Minister Pavel Filip also attended the event, he congratulated on the efforts contributed to this factory and appreciated their dedication to country economy. 

"I'm glad to participate in one of the most important events in Moldovan economy. Thank you for your investment in Moldova. 

"It's an important event in industry of our country which will create lots of new jobs. 

"The most important thing is to have 2,500 people who are able to find jobs in Moldova and don't need to go abroad. 

"This means, moreover, 2,500 Moldovan families will become happier, 2,500 children can stay together with their parents. 

"Creating jobs is one of the greatest projects in Moldovan citizens. This leads to million lei contributed to state budget and consequently, the Government will be able to pay more for pensions, salaries, wages or investments in hospitals, schools, on the roads.

"We are pro-business government."

The wiring harness factory received an investment of EUR 30 million from Sumito Electric Bordnetze. 

The opening of the factory will allow about 2,500 people to be employed.

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