Premier Filip calls on subalterns to get mobilized: Weather makes us act more responsibly

Prime Minister Pavel Filip has convened, today, a meeting with the agencies related to the management of the consequences of the late severe weather conditions in Moldova. He has called on the central and local authorities to get mobilized.

"It’s not enough to clean but the main highways, but the secondary roads, too, so that people can go to work and children to schools. It’s necessary to intervene timely and to communicate steadily. The outside conditions make us be more responsible," he said.

Pavel Filip has asked the Health Ministry to guarantee due medical assistance and the people’s access to all the hospitals.

Transport Minister Iurie Chirinciuc has said one drives on all the national motorways, in winter conditions.

 According to the Education Ministry, nine schools in five districts have suspended their work because of the cold weather, as 243 children stay at home in Cahul, 447 -- in Cantemir, 265 -- in Causeni, 186 -- in Sangerei and 235 -- in Taraclia.

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