Premier Filip: 800 jobs promised but only 2 created. Intolerable situation!

Prime Minister Pavel Filip referred to a current issue in our country - privatization during today meeting. Accordingly, the Premier came up with measures aimed at improving the business environment and developing local infrastructure.

"There are lots of land and buildings with thousands of square meters located in the most attractive areas for investors, but they become worsen gradually. There has not been any promised investment following privatization.

"Problems also occur in some industrial parks. For example, the creation of 800 jobs was planned in Cimislia Industrial Park, but only 2 were created. In the Comrat Industrial Park it was proposed the creation of 2,260 jobs and only one job was created, "said Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

The prime minister also expressed his dissatisfaction with the companies that did not respect their assumed commitments.

"The situation is intolerable, if somebody does not respect their commitments they will be replaced by other investors. I would also like to insure the functioning of the Commission for carrying out commercial and investment contests for the privatization of public property. Please submit for approval the nominee composition of the mentioned Commission, "said Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

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