Premier and UN representative lead off preparations for Census World Round 2020

Premier Pavel Filip and representative of the UN Population Fund in Moldova, Rita Columbia have discussed the preparations for Census of Population, Housing and General Agriculture, World Round 2020, as well as measures to improve the demographic situation in Moldova. 

Prime Minister Pavel Filip emphasized the importance of conducting a qualitative, well-organized census with precise data, which will serve as a basis for drafting policy documents for the work of the Executive.

Accordingly, the Prime Minister asked the authorities to mobilize resources to prepare the census and initiate necessary actions such as identifying the technical solution, training the involved personnel and conducting the census.

In this context, the representative of the UN Population Fund in Moldova pointed out the necessity to observe all stages in the preparation of this exercise, in order to obtain qualitative data. Rita Columbia mentioned the need to develop collaboration with external partners. 

The meeting focused on organizing censuses, focusing on the questionnaire. It opts for data collection via mobile devices, with self-reviewing over the Internet.

"Digital methods help us a lot. It's much safer and the data will be processed quickly", emphasized Premier Pavel Filip. 

The census is likely held in 2021, following shortly the general agricultural census.

Demographic situation in Moldova as well as challenges regarding this aspect was another topic in the meeting. Moldova faces the demographic issues such as decreasing fertility rates, increasing life expectancy, demographic aging and migration. The country wants to create labor opportunities, raise living standards, and education to meet these challenges. 

In this context, the head of the Executive said that all these issues should be addressed in a complex way.

"These are based on the level of living standards and the services provided to the population. In order to social investments, Government must have financial capacity which requires discipline and reforms. I'm sure that we're approaching in the right direction. Our reforms bring good results and we need to continue in the same way", concluded Premier. 



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