Predicted prices for real estate in 2018

According to data from Union of Real Estate Agencies, apartments build in 50s to 60s will become by 5% cheaper. Therefore, a square meter will cost from 460 to 550 euro.

On another hand, apartments from 80s and 90s will become by 5% more expensive. The prices for new buildings will remain the same, from 550 to 750 euro per square meter. At the same time, new apartments that were already decorated and furnished will become by 5% more expensive and a square meter will cost to 950 euro.

Representatives from the union confirmed that most sought after remain small apartments, while construction companies will have to offer prices from 15 to 20 thousand euro.

At the same time, more variants within the "New House" project will be offered. According to it, those who wish to purchase a house will be able to take mortgage credits, while the state will pay 50% from it.

This program is meant for everyone below 45, who have a stable employment.

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