PPDA risks without headquarter as it might be fraudulently privatized

Dignity and Truth Party has to leave its headquarter, and the brother of party leader, Vasile Năstase risks being prosecuted.

These statements belong to the PPDA candidate at the City Hall, Andrei Năstase. He promised he would hold all persons accountable who took fraudulently the public buildings in Chisinau. According to deschide.md, his brother is on the list of those who violated the law.

According to the journalists from deschide.md, the building on the 31st August, 15th street in the Capital City, which is the headquarter of PPDA, is included in the State Monuments Register. The building was fraudulently privatized by the periodical "Voice of the Nation", founded by Vasile Năstase.

In 2008, the newspaper editorial filed a petition to sue the Chisinau Municipal Council (CMC) on the recognition of the right to privatize the building. Subsequently, the Chisinau Court of Appeal issued a decision ordering CMC to issue the documents for the privatization of the building by "Voice of the Nation". The local authorities did not challenge the decision and it became irrevocable.

According to deschide.md, behind this scheme would be the agreements between Vasile Năstase and the then representatives of the City Hall. Only ten months later the City Hall filed the appeal.

The (Supreme Court of Justice of Moldova) SCJ then rejected it because it was filed without legal powers. According to the assessment report by the state-owned company "Audit and Evaluation", the market value of the real estate then was 42,800 euros, a much lower price than the real value of such a building in the center of the capital.

In April 2016, the Ministry of Culture filed a petition to revise the 2008 decision to recover the building. Asked by journalists deschide.md, Vasile Năstase said that the privatization of the building would have taken place legally, and when the reporters tried to contradict some details, Vasile Năstase said he had to attend a meeting.

Asked by Publika TV, Andrei Năstase did not answer the phone to explain if he would check the legality of PPDA's privatization.

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